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Q: Does NABCO sell any reconditioned or used circuit breakers?
A: NO. NABCO only sells and stocks brand new material. The liability and potential hazards associated with reconditioned products, whether the vendor claims that they are “tested” or not, is too great for us to sell any of this type of material. You never have to worry if your breaker will arrive used, in shrink wrap or not.

Q: Why are reconditioned circuit breakers so dangerous?
A: Molded case circuit breakers are not designated for repairs. And while some “recycling groups” will tell you that they have high standards on their reconditioning techniques, there is no safe and reliable way to recondition a circuit breaker. Furthermore, with reconditioned circuit breakers you never know where your circuit breaker has been, or where it has come from and there are no safety nets in place to ensure that the breaker you buy has previously been taken care of or that it has been reconditioned by a legitimate Factory Authorized Service Center. NABCO chooses not to tamper in any way with the breakers you buy from us. While the price of reconditioned breakers may be appealing, the concern and liability will far outweigh the money you and your customer will save. Save yourself a piece of mind and buy ‘New Only’ from NABCO.

Q: How late can NABCO ship my order out today?
A: NABCO can ship until 5pm PST, 8pm EST, Monday through Friday.

Q: Will my order ship the same day I place it?
A: Under most circumstances YES, your order will ship same day. Unless the circuit breaker you are ordering is a special order item coming directly out of the factory, all orders placed with NABCO before 5pm PST will ship same day. Because NABCO has the largest inventory of brand new material in the county everything we quote is right here in our warehouse, no longer will you have to add a 2–3 day ‘buffer’ to your customers ship time. Like many other breaker companies, NABCO doesn’t ‘broker’ out their transactions to other companies when we quote it in stock. When our salesmen tell you that your item is “good in stock”, we mean it.

Q: What is NABCO’s current promotion?
A: NABCO is constantly running various promotions. To find out what the current promotion is click on the “Promotions” page on the website or ask your NABCO salesmen when you call up for a quote.

Q: How do I know that NABCO received my order without actually calling them?
A: Upon order entry, each order placed with NABCO will generate a fax confirmation. This fax will confirm that the order has been received and processed correctly. Now you will have piece of mind that your important order has been processed and shipped correctly.

Q: Does NABCO sell to Contractors or End Users?
A: Absolutely Not. NABCO only sells through wholesale distribution and never sells directly to contractors or end users.

Q: Where can I find NABCO’s most recent Company News?
A: At the newly released NewsWire, NABCO’s Company Blog.

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